Benefits of Essential Oils on the Skin

Essential oils are natural oils, and they are extracted directly from plants, flowers, roots, and
even wood. They offer multiple benefits, which is the main reason they are increasingly present
in all kinds of cosmetics.
Essential oils act in our body through the complex and powerful chemical composition they
possess. They have a great diversity of molecules that confer different properties since some
are more effective against bacteria, viruses, etc.

What are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are concentrates of plant raw material, intensely aromatic, non-greasy, volatile,
and light obtained directly from plants, roots, flowers, leaves, trees, etc.
All aromatic plants contain essences, but pure essential oils are the most potent extract of
essences. The essence of these oils is the odor given off by the plant from which it is extracted,
which contains aromatic molecules.

3 Benefits of Essential Oils on the Skin
Once we know what they are and how they act in the body, we are going to see the main
benefits of essential oils for the skin:
They Provide Hydration
Essential oils provide maximum hydration to the skin. They are fundamental for the dermis to
hydrate. Its use will keep the skin perfectly hydrated and combat dryness.

Provide Elasticity
Essential oils have firming properties for the skin. They are great allies to prevent the loss of
firmness of the tissues and reaffirm those areas that present greater flaccidity.
Likewise, they combat the skin’s lack of elasticity, which is one of the first effects caused by the
passage of time. It helps to make it appear smooth for much longer.
To increase the skin’s firmness, the essential oils of almonds, rosemary, or hazelnut are some of
the most recommended and effective.

They have anti-aging properties. They are very effective in preventing the appearance and
reducing the action of wrinkles.

For this reason, many anti-aging cosmetics have essential oils in their composition. In addition,
they are natural and 100% effective on the skin. People mostly use it on the face and hands to
get smooth skin.
On the other hand, essential oils are ideal for the sensation of muscle pain relief. They are
highly recommended for athletes since they prevent soreness, promote recovery, and relieve
muscle inflammation. Its use will increase performance and reduce the risk of injury.
You will feel instant relief and enjoy a delightful sensation. For this, the essential oils of
cinnamon and clove are the most recommended.

How to Use Essential Oils?
The most typical way to use essential oils is through aromatherapy. For this, we have to smell
them and, automatically, we will enjoy all their benefits by selecting the appropriate oils.
Likewise, the application of essential oils is also very simple. However, it is essential to
remember that they must be diluted in other carrier substances as they are highly concentrated.
You have to apply it to the skin with a gentle massage. Move your fingers in a circular motion to
stimulate micro circulation and facilitate water loss. You can apply it to the entire body’s skin
without any problem.

Essential oils have been used for centuries to promote health and wellness. They are made
from different plants and contain various properties that can help in various ways. The most
popular essential oils include lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, peppermint, rosemary, and

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